We will be your partner to:

• Create a church profile that attracts the best leaders out there

• Craft a job description designed for today’s changing ministry needs and landscape

• Widen the scope of your search across denominational lines and beyond traditional ministry candidates

• Evaluate your candidates and deliver a manageable pool of the best for your search team to interview

• Discern the interview questions that will clarify your candidate's strengths and challenges

• Write a contract that is competitive, savvy, and fits your needs

• Coach the newly called pastor through the transition and new team building process


Church Staffing solutions

At the Center for Progressive Renewal, we believe excellent leadership is the key to congregational vitality. That is why we started Church Staffing Solutions with a team of talent management specialists to help your congregation find outstanding staff. We work collaboratively with your denominational office to identify candidates who would be a good fit for your congregation. We also work with pastors to find good congregations for future placement. Then we work with both of you to design a hiring and onboarding process that leads to a smooth, seamless transition.