the convergence leadership project

an innovative new approach to leadership development and congregational vitality


At The Convergence Leadership Project, we value innovation. Our program is based on five focus areas:

  • Congregational teams
  • Regional focus
  • Multi-denominational cohorts
  • Global/regional vision
  • World-class faculty


Gregg Carlson

Director of Contracted Services

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our goals

- To liberate participants from ignorance, superficiality, blame, and shame by helping them understand the complex causes of decline in “organized religion.”

- To inspire participants with a fresh vision of Christian faith as “organizing religion” - a movement of spiritual activists organized for mission in their homes, neighborhoods, professions, communities, economies, and political arenas.

- To train participants in what instructor Brian McLaren has called “a generous orthodoxy” or “a new kind of Christianity” - a shared Christian ethos that can be expressed in a variety of denominational and cultural contexts.

- To equip senior ministers and others to develop a unified public voice to speak pastorally and prophetically into the life of their region, nation, and world.

- To articulate a shared vision for their region and develop a shared strategy for “seeking first the commonwealth and justice of God” (Matthew 6:33) in their region.

- To help the cohort agree upon and embody a shared ethos of “just and generous Christianity” that they will practice through their various congregations.

- To help regional cohorts build collaborative alliances with other like-hearted faith communities (Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.) and secular groups, and to equip cohorts to interact creatively with faith communities whose vision and values differ.

- To link regional cohorts with their counterparts in other regions to build a long-term movement of just and generous Christianity in North America and beyond. 



There are seven major components to the year-long program, including:

  • Leadership symposia
  • Monthly training webinars
  • Annual senior ministers' retreat
  • Professional coaching
  • On-demand resources
  • Resource and event discounts
  • A written regional strategy