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Our coaches are trained ministry professionals who will walk alongside you in your context. Contact us to learn more how we can create a coaching program that works for you. We different types of coaching to suit any need. Click below to explore!


Your context and goals are the focus of the traditional coaching relationship. Your context is unique, and a coach will give you the nuance and attention you need to meet your goals. Traditional Coaching offers one coaching hour per month, with flexible scheduling. Coaching includes monthly phone access, unlimited email access in between sessions as needed, interim reporting, goal-setting, access to our online learning library, and a personalized overall approach.

Executive Coaching

Our highly-trained coaches will work with the executives in your community: denominational leaders, denominational teams, church teams, and church leaders to articulate, address, and achieve desired outcomes around these areas of growth. Our Executive Coaching includes one-on-one in-person sessions, unlimited email access, interim reporting, goal-setting, plan development and implementation assistance, access to our online learning library, and a personalized overall approach.

Accelerated Coaching

Focus and accelerate your coaching experience. Accelerated coaching is focused on a single issue with measurable outcomes, and is two coaching hours per month.

Systems Coaching

Systems coaching deepens systemic transformation by offering a one-on-one coaching hour with a minister plus a coaching hour with a minister and leadership team every month. 

Hybrid Coaching

To solidify the coaching relationship firmly and early in the coaching relationship and set specific goals, we offer hybrid coaching. Hybrid coaching includes twice a month one-on-one coaching for the first three months, and once a month for the subsequent nine months.

Stage of Life Coaching

The transitions in clergy and professional ministry life can be incredibly specific. We address these and more important transitions in the life of a minister.

Last Year of Seminary

As you exit seminary and move into searching for your first call, let us walk with you! This includes support from your coach on your Master’s or doctoral project, supplements to learning, and assistance in your search and call process.

First Year First Call

Our coaches will help ordinands in their first year, first call to articulate, discern, and manage well the climate and culture of their first parish, assisting in self-assessment and skill-building.


Moving from a life in ministry to retirement can bring up challenges of focus, boundaries, and identity. Our coaches can assist in a healthy retirement and transitioning well.


A deep level of learning can be found in conversation with colleagues and peers. Facilitated by a coach, our Coaching Cohorts are groups of up to five ministry professionals comparing notes and stretching each other to our next level of best. Cohorts are formed around topics of common interest or common stages of church growth. Coaching Cohort topics include, but are not limited to:

First Calls

Clergy in Transition

Church Planting

Multicultural Ministry

Revitalizing Communities



Rev. Dr. Claire Bamberg

Director Of Coaching

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