The United Church of Christ has released their curriculum, "White Privilege: Let’s talk. A Resource for Transformational Dialogue" and we at The Center for Progressive Renewal would like to extend an invitation to you to work through the curriculum on our online learning platform. We’ve developed and online course that includes an online discussion board and access to our webinar series from June 2016 that featured the authors of the curriculum, John Dorhauer, Traci Blackmon, DaVita McAllister, Stephen G. Ray, Jr. and John Paddock in conversation with CPR Founder and Director, Cameron Trimble.

The cost of the course is “Pay What You Wish”, and we’ve included some suggested price points below. Please feel free to choose the “other” option to name your own amount. By a choosing a payment option, we’ll be able to add you to a moderated course. By taking the free option listed below, you’ll be added to a general access course.

Based on your payment and need, we offer custom online classrooms to allow for you to access our course in a private setting tailored to Small Group (5 - 20 students), Congregation (20 to 300 Students), or Multi-Church (300 - 2000 students) Please note: There is a three business day processing window to set up the custom online course.

We look forward to working together through this challenging and very rewarding curriculum.

If you have any additional questions, please email Jim Keat, Director of Online Learning for CPR at jim@progressiverenewal.org.