Turn Your Board Into a Dream Team

You are likely exploring this course because you have been recently elected or selected as a member of your congregation’s governing body. In some churches you would be called a member of the board, in other congregations a member of the session, and other faith communities might call you the warden of the vestry. Regardless of the words your faith community uses for your new position, you are probably feeling a mixture of fear and excitement as you take on this new role. One of your first questions is probably: What do I do next? Although you may have had the opportunity to observe the board at meetings, you still may be feeling unsure. If you have no prior experience of the work of the board, you may be feeling extremely unsure! This course is designed to help you with this and all the questions you have about your new job, as well as some questions you haven’t even imagined you need to ask!


To register as a team: $199

To register as an individual: $149


Learning Themes

  • You Are A Member Of The Board! Now What?
  • Structures That Serve Mission And Vision
  • Be A Meeting Miracle, Not A Meeting Monster!
  • Making Decisions And Navigating Differences Of Opinion
  • Partnering With Clergy For A Healthy Church
  • Spreading The Word And Casting The Vision
  • Strengthen Your Faith Through Spiritual Leadership


Course Text

Readings and media will be posted on the course classroom website.


Course Format

This course is designed as an on demand course. You can move through the material at the pace and time that works best for you.


Curriculum Curator and Coach

Rev. Cameron Trimble is the Executive Director, CEO of the Center for Progressive Renewal. She most recently served as an advisor to the Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Team of Local Church Ministries for the United Church of Christ and as Associate Conference Minister of Church Development in the Southeast Conference of the UCC. In her ministry in the national setting, Rev. Trimble was responsible for the development of national strategy for birthing new churches. In her conference setting, she directly oversaw the birthing of churches throughout the Southeast Conference. Each setting has given her a unique perspective on the challenges of cultivating leaders equipped to meet the needs of the future of mainline Protestantism.

Rev. Trimble is an adjunct professor teaching church planting and renewal with the Pacific School of Religion and Chicago Theological Seminary. She has co-authored the book Liberating Hope with Michael Piazza in 2011.

With this wide experience and exposure, Rev. Trimble is convinced that the future of the progressive mainline Church is dependent upon our ability to cultivate the highest quality of leadership in both ordained and lay leadership.



What resources will I need for this class?

You will need a computer and access to the Internet.

What does a typical module look like?

In a typical module session, you’ll be introduced to concepts, strategies, and teachings through video, readings, and links to media. In each module there is also an assignment to “go and try it out” to help you move along in developing your ideas into a formal plan and towards implementation.

Should I register as an individual or a congregational team?

Individual registration allows one user to view and interact with the material. Registration as a team allows you to show the videos and use the material with groups in your church such as a church council, ministry team, or working group.