We believe that every leader and every congregation has untapped potential and is capable of making a meaningful impact in their community. Our work together realizes and amplifies the potential within the leaders of your congregation to envision a new future for your church. We believe that…

  • Leadership is an art form, unique to every leader. When people, lay and ordained, are invited to contribute their energy to a congregation and see that the contribution makes a difference, the congregation is strengthened.

  • Congregations are best thought of as “schools of love” where people gain access to relationships and resources that connect them to God and one another. That connection, over time, shapes them into more loving people.

  • Some congregations need to close. Some congregations need to reinvent themselves. Some congregations need to amplify their vision and expand their impact. All congregations have potential.



Our work starts at the leadership level. We believe that leadership, lay and ordained, is the key ingredient to congregational transformation. Because of that we work with…

  • Congregational teams aiming for higher impact, coordination and collaboration.

  • Individual leaders (pastors or lay leaders) wanting to invest in their personal and professional development as the source of their contribution in leading their congregations.

  • Denominational teams exploring ways to creatively navigate change in deconstructing national and regional systems.


The outcome of our work takes on many forms. We might…

  • Develop new tools, habits and approaches to deepening your impact;

  • Design a series of creative sessions for exploring new solutions to challenging conditions;

  • Complete an online and on-site assessment of your challenges and opportunities;

  • Create a curriculum of virtual sessions to teach new concepts through a collaborative learning environment;

  • Draft a strategic plan;

  • Shape a marketing and communications plan;

  • Or any number of other possibilities…

Our work is creative, not prescriptive. We will be learning with you as we work for your congregation’s transformation together.


Leadership Transformation

You and your leaders will have a better understanding of your individual unique contributions to the vision of the church. You will tap into the source of your creative power and learn to lead with a deep sense of integrity and absurdness in your vision for the future. With strategic leadership comes a stronger sense of focus, purpose and impact. Given the state of our world, if ever there was a moment for a new cultural vision spoken by a new generation of leaders, this is that moment. We will help you be such a leader.

Community impact

We have a bias: We believe that mainline congregations should be relentlessly focused on raising the standard of life for the people living in their community. If we are going to be obsessed about attendance numbers and giving, we should be equally obsessed with unemployment levels and graduation rates. Your congregation must be about something bigger than institutional maintenance. It must have a dream beyond its own existence to be a faithful embodiment of the Gospel call.

Our consulting team cares deeply that you have the internal organizational integrity to create external community transformation. Through our work together you will discover the extraordinary difference your congregation can make in bettering the lives of your neighbors.

congregational alignment

Working together in the congregation is a team sport. Imagine trying to play the game of soccer but not being clear about who is in what position or what the goal of the game is. Many congregations struggle with the lack of clarity about their vision, mission and goals. When people are confused about our shared mission, they contribute without confidence that their contribution matters, Miscommunication becomes the byproduct. Miscommunication leads to conflict and ministry suffers.

Our work focuses on building alignment between and among Congregational teams and individual leaders. When we work in alignment, we amplify each others work. When we work in misalignment, we diminish the difference that we can make together. The key is generating a state of trust sufficient to support the scale our dreams. If we dream small dreams for our congregation, we don't have to extend much trust t0 each other to achieve some level of success. But if we have a big dream of what's possible for our congregation and our community, trusted alignment becomes the key to our breakthrough. This becomes a foundation for building a more just and generous world.