Want to Be a Great Leader, Communicate Effectively and Build Strong Relationships?  The DiSC Can Help w/BETTY MORTON


START: Cohort will begin in early-to-mid summer 2018 or when a 6-member cohort is formed.
SIZE: 4-6 People

  • Test and Assessment by Certified DiSC Expert

  • Four Individual Sessions

  • Three Group Sessions

  • Zoom Video Conferencing

  • CPR Slack Channel Access

COST: $1,500





Church is all about relationships and communications. How we relate to diverse people – and that’s all of us – can build up or tear down the body of Christ. The DiSC is a time-tested, personal assessment that can greatly enhance your self-knowledge and effectiveness in relationships -- at home, work and church. “DiSC” is an acronym for four primary behavioral styles (see attached summary of the DiSC). We are all different and often these differences lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and even hurt because we read each other the wrong way. The DiSC can help you avoid such missteps. Rather, you can excel in your communications with others when you better understand your and their behavioral preferences and communication styles. This tool is perfect for leadership development and team building, and you will want to consider it for your leadership teams. Your team can be your cohort. Each cohort participant must take the DiSC prior to meeting as a cohort. It takes about half an hour. And each participant will have four one-on-one coaching sessions by phone with Betty to focus on your particular challenges and goals.


In addition to the four One-to-One Coaching Sessions:

GROUP SESSION #1:  Wellbeing and Effective Leadership Begin with Self-Awareness --Understanding Your Behavioral Styles

  • Understand your natural behavioral preferences

  • Appreciate how your view the world differs from others’

  • Uncover what motivates and stresses you

  • Appreciate the impact of your communication and behavioral styles on others

GROUP SESSION #2:  See Your Blind Spots – Because Others Do

  • Understand what others see that you may not

  • Don’t let your blind spots trip you up

  • Broaden your perspective

  • Learn to read others – and then check in with them

GROUP SESSION #3:  Knowledge is Not Wisdom – It’s Not Just About Knowing Yourself, But Also About Being Your Best and Bringing Out the Best in Others

  • Move from insight to powerful action

  • Better appreciate diverse others

  • Communicate more effectively

  • Build trust and strengthen relationships

  • Empower leadership teams



Betty Morton is a Professional Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coach Federation. She is ordained in the United Church of Christ and based in Durham, NC. Betty has dedicated her life to human wellbeing and to promoting relational and organizational excellence -- first as a lawyer and business executive, and now as a professional coach and minister. Betty is also a certified DiSC administrator and social and emotional intelligence coach. Her focus on living powerfully from our spiritual core, combined with enhancing practical leadership skills, helps clients both stay centered and live and work well with others. Betty has coached with CPR for three years and also coaches in her own company, Rise Coaching, LLC since 2010. She coaches executives, leaders and individuals – one-on-one and in groups.


You can find out more about Betty by visiting: www.risecoachingllc.com or https://www.linkedin.com/in/betty-morton-pcc-3054302b/

To CPR Cohort, you must first schedule a 30 minute Zoom Call with Director of Coaching, Bruce Reyes-Chow [Reserve Time].



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