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TIME: Six Week or Six Month Cohorts
START: Cohort will begin in early-to-mid summer 2018 or when a 6-member cohort is formed.

SIZE: 4-6 People

  • Five Individual Sessions

  • Three Group Sessions

  • One year membership to CPR ($240 value)

  • Zoom Video Conferencing

  • CPR Slack Channel Access

COST: $1,500



Answering the call to serve as the primary education and spiritual formation leader can be daunting.  It is especially daunting when the natural rhythm of the seasons can be wrought with speed-bumps all while being tethered to church calendars and traditions.  Let's explore how we create a Rule of Life for our ministries while attending to and building relationships that yield disciples ready to continue on the journey.

In addition to the five One-to-One Coaching Sessions:

GROUP SESSION #1 Children in Worship, cultivating a culture of intergenerational exploration of faith

How do you move from children being seen and not heard to hearing our children and seeing how they transform our faith?  Starting with your context we will focus on strategies, space and practices around how to cultivate a family culture of worship.

GROUP SESSION #2 Creating a Rule of Life for you and your ministry.

We will explore the Rule of Life for personal practice while attending to how this practice can transform your life and ministry.  Attending daily to our partnership with the Holy can help us identify the ways the natural rhythms of life form our faith.

GROUP SESSION #3 Rhythm Building in Ordinary Time

So much of our liturgical time falls in Ordinary Time.  Instead of letting it hold a place between High Holy Seasons we can use it for extraordinary purpose.  Utilizing the Rule of Life we will make space for how we celebrate and approach the extraordinary in the ordinary.



Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks is the Director of Spiritual Formation at Fairmount Presbyterian Church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  Amy Kim loves creating space for folks to interact with the Holy through art and opportunities for disruption. Amy Kim also serves on the board of More Light Presbyterians as a co-moderator.  Her life is shared with her amazing spouse, Justin, children, Natalily & Isaiah and Obed the poodle.

To CPR Cohort, you must first schedule a 30 minute Zoom Call with Director of Coaching, Bruce Reyes-Chow [Reserve Time].



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Director of Contracted Services & Coaching

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